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All essential Swiss Reproduction watch companies are located in western Switzerland. Well, not quite all. A business called IWC, stubbornly located on the eastern side of Switzerland, may be holding its own in excess of 140 years contrary to the superior variety of firms associated with French-speaking Switzerland, successfully waving its horological flag in the quiet little city of Schaffausen.Fortunately, the real situation is not as martial because explanation mirroring the introductory text of every Asterix comic book. Simultaneously, those involved with Schaffhausen look at the distinction between IWC and the brands at home in Geneva plus the Swiss Jura from a confident prespective ;or even, seems like, with a bit of pride. Georges Kern, the brand's CEO, notes that IWC is considered the only watch manufactorer in German-speaking Switzerland. That's why, the name Schaffhausen enjoys a lot more prominent place in the corporate entity's correspondence and promoting than just a Swiss manufactured. The intent is usually to emphasize the creation processes German engineering an IWC doesn't seem to be doing badly with this particular strategy. For a long time now, the manufacturer has actually been widening at a large rate. Owned by the Richemont luxury group since 2000, the International Watch Company was originally set up in Schaffhausen by American business owner Florentine Ariosto Jones's. Regardless of Jones's savvy objective to build high quality Swiss timepieces for the American market place, the firm filed for chapter 13 two times and was eventually absorbed by the native industrialist. Following on from the takeover, Swiss Reproduction IWC began making pocket timepieces with a digital features depending on Pallweber system, then turned its attention to making pilot watches in 1930s. Now highly sought-after by collectors, these pilot wristwatches (the Mark IX, X and XII) are observed as a substantial dial and robust movements, several of which have an antimagnetic system.In 1938 IWC engineered what might become its best seller: the IWC Replica Portuguese, the watch conceived to meet two Portuguese tradesmen's request for a wristwatch with a highly accurate pocket-watch caliber. In the 1950s IWC's automatic movements were advanced with all the Pellaton winding device, a copyrighted automatic winding process that limited energy loss by swapping out traditional gears