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5 years immediately after precisely what more likely to be termed the relaunch of Swiss Duplicate Hublot, Jean-Claude Biver fulfilled a fantasy: a the starting of 2010, the organization moved into its 6,000 square meter manufacturing unit in Nyon's industrial quarter. The move provides for a harbinger of the company's first independent movement calibers, that are scheduled to get in serial production quickly. The existing recession has placed the brakes for this ambitious plan only somewhat: by the end of 09, 110 staff members are slated to finish populating about 50 % of the modern, light-filled courses. The rest of the area is accessible to benches remain free for long run inclusions in the watchmaking crew as well. In '08, Hublot Replica unveiled its movement design, a fairly modified sort of the tried-and-tested Valjoux chronograph caliber 7750 whose patent security terminated after thirty years. One of several authentic designers of the reliable Valjoux caliber, took on the model work about this completely new mechanism and designed the changes in parts in order to accommodate the use of a special alloy instead of the brass that is typically seen in watchmaking for plates and bridges. The phrase Ag5 refers to an extremely light, very resistant alloy created from magnesium mineral and light weight aluminum and that is usually only utilised in making jets. A special surface treatment seals as well as stiffens the materials, is not usually unproblematic with regard to corrosion. Especially useful could be that the case and buckle on the Mag Bang model are also made of exactly the same matte shimmering sheet metal.