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Calibers manufactured in-house through the first step towards the last, classic choices, constant level of quality from basic movements to the most advanced models and over 170 experience: can one really blame the French for worshipping Jaeger-LeCoultre designer watches? Antoine LeCoultre established his farm-workshop in the Joux Valley on the Swiss Jura, in 1833. The male who may eventually be thought to be the grandfather of horology focused upon high-end calibers, which he sold both of them under his own name and to other brand names. In 1890 the corporation designed a minimal 125 movements. Yet in the several years since, many of the excellent titles in watch-making, from Audemars Piguet to Patek Philippe, from Cartier to Vacheron Constantin, have set up to movements from LeCoultre at a time or another. A magnificent item presented in '07 certainly is the Master Compressor Extreme LAB, not simply the first oil-free mechanical watch but one that promises to run a long time. This piece, at approximately $240,1000, is horologically in advance of its time, adding to the forty calibers made by this provider, which includes certainly one of its mottos: For Jaeger-LeCoultre, having the unachievable certainly is the norm.