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Abraham-Louis Breguet (1747 - 1823) numbers one of the most creative and creative watchmakers in the history of horology; he is in a number of ways a pro. In 1999, the company having this illustrious name took over as the prize possession of the Swatch Group and came under the individual management of Nicolas G. Hayek, CEO, who died on June 28, 2010. Breguet had been a full-fledged manufacture using the integration of the movement manufacturing plant Nouvelle Lemania, a move that forced the company's uncompromisingly upscale watches reach the top of the group's brand stock portfolio. In the current facilities situated on the shores of Lake Joux, handcraftsmanship still plays a tremendous role in the production of most of these high-quality designer watches. Sticking with such techniques helps Breguet Replica designer watches to live up to the good culture of their fantastic name. At the same time, Replica Breguets is probably the few brands to cooperate with modern day materials in its movements, should this serve to improve quality and rate precisions. Numerous innovations have debuted at Breguet, for example pallet levers and balance wheels made of silicon, the best Breguet hairspring with the high end curve crafted from the glassy materials, or simply a mechanical high-frequency balance beating at 72,000 vph. Just like the tourbillon, which has been around for over 220 years, or perhaps the automatic winding mechanism, and other elements overlooked in wristwatch mechanics, someone was required to think of all of them at one point